nonviolent actions

nonviolent actions

i have worked as a community organizer and campaign coordinator for over 8 years. i have worked with national as well as local grassroots nonprofits to creatively take nonviolent direct action for social justice. following are a few images from some of the acts of resistance i have participated in. as an active activist, new images appear regularly.

i worked with the ruckus society along with the india resource center to make this banner and then deploy it with 10′ helium balloons in front of the coke museum in atlanta during the u.s. social forum to protest the museum’s lack of truth concerning coke’s abuses in india.

we stencilled helium balloons with an anti-consumerism message that would resonate with our texas audience and would be unavoidable as kids love balloons and they float at about eye level. this project was highlighted on as part of their “buy nothing day” campaign.

the bush administration has used “intelligence failure” to describe many of their mistakes, and i just took it to the top at a crawford, tx anti-war march with “floating” sign over a bush mask.

the ruckus society asked me to inflate a giant hallibacon pig at halliburton’s annual shareholder meeting in houston. i built a giant money trough, and some actors jumped on in.

i sketched a silly image i found online and turned it into a sharp political commentary on bush’s handling of the iraq war.

i made the curious george w costume for a street theater performance for when bush paid a visit to dallas as we learned that no wmd’s were found…the pic was taken later at a bar though.

i was on the 4-person climb team that deployed this giant banner off the roof of the plaza hotel in new york city the day before the 2004 republican national convention.

i participated in this greenpeace action at the capitol with 99 other people that “died” from a train car made to look like it was leaking toxic chemicals through d.c.. government studies show that if by terrorism or accident 100 people per second would die from the release.

the north american wholesale lumber association has their annual meeting for companies that clear cut ancient and natural forests in dallas every year. this particular year they got to meet my creation, stumpy the stump.

i designed and coordinated the production of this 300′ long banner that had the repeating message on both sides, “no war in iraq” where the ‘q’s doubled as peace signs.

the operation ceasefire concert drew over 100,000 people to march and then enjoy a free concert on the mall featuring “thievery corporation” and “the coup”. i designed and produced a performance art piece where two peace signs come together during the guerrilla poetry insurgency’s set to create a giant butterfly that then is raised into the sky.

as part of a yearly protest at the exxonmobil shareholder’s meeting, i designed and built a 6’ tall penguin statue which i carried up a freeway billboard and with some friends liberated it with our own message for the people driving to the event. it was designed to parody a popular chick-fil-a billboard campaign using black and white cows. in this one though, it’s a penguin painting a misspelled sign, “exonmobil, polar ice-kaps r melting!” in the type face of the corporate logo at the bottom, it says “support kyoto” in reference to the international protocol to lower co2 emissions to combat global warming.

a “banner float” i executed with some friends at the galleria mall in dallas on the busiest shopping day of the year.

while dozens of exxonmobil tiger mascots invaded their international headquarters and a team of suit-clad activists entered the underground garage in 3 black jaguars, i chained myself with about 10 other “global warming crimes unit agents” to trucks that were strategically parked at the entrance to blockade their building the day before the exxonmobil shareholders meeting. greenpeace executed this action to draw attention to exxonmobil’s funding of global warming skeptics. these “scientists” provide political discourse instead of global action to control co2 emissions.